Clothes That Can Prevent Ticks From Bugging You

Ticks are a common pest to find out in your yard during the spring and summer months, and can be seen in smaller numbers sometimes in the fall, usually finally gone for the year by winter. When you’re trying to enjoy time outdoors, you don’t want to have to have to worry about picking ticks off of yourself, your kids, or your pets later on.

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Short of calling the tick prevention tallahassee professionals to come and treat your yard from top to bottom to get rid of the pesky ticks, is there anything else you could be doing to keep the ticks off of you? Aside from using tick repelling sprays, you could find some success by choosing clothing that could make it harder for ticks to get onto you and bite.

Clothing Ideas For Preventing Ticks

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually find a bit of success with keeping ticks off of you by being picky about what you wear. Some of these possible clothing choices could make it very hard for a tick to find an easy way to crawl onto and bite you, so make sure you’re paying attention!

Long pants and long sleeved shirts are great choices for making it hard for ticks to even find a foothold to bite into your skin. You can also tuck pant legs into your shoes to make it even harder for a tick to crawl up your shoe and onto your leg.

Wearing some of these clothes can be a good choice to potentially keep ticks off of you. No one likes having to search themselves up and down every time they come in from the yard, so do yourself the added favor and wear preventative clothing that discourages ticks from even trying.